Review of “Mutual Release” by Liz Crowe

This is the second book that I have read from this author and I have to say this one is fantastic. I really liked the lay out of this book and how she wrote pretty much three stories, linked them all together and told a lifetime rather than just the moment that two people fell in love.

These characters had such detail and density to them that it made it really easy for the reader to truly FEEL their angst. The emotions were very profound, the characters were passionate and strong while having significant vulnerabilities.

To me this book was a home run. My only regret is that I have not read the first six in this series. Lucky for me that is easily rectified.

Evan is your average guy that has inner demons that he tries to overcome and some past mistakes that he has to learn to live with in his attempt to find happiness.

Julie is strong because of the horrors that are in her past. She trusts no one and for a long time after meeting Evan she doesn’t trust him either. He has to work hard to get through her barriers and find her heart but Evan doesn’t give up.

Damian is the perfect villain. He’s heartless from the start and crueler than cruel. He’s vicious and scary and just a perfect villain.

Great book….a solid 4 stars



Review of “Slammed” by Colleen Hoover



This book made me get angry, cry…a lot by like page 4, laugh, get sad, get anxious, get desperate, and ultimately fall absolutely in love with these characters and this write.

This is a book about loss and growing up. He easily demonstrates the profound sadness that one has when they’ve lost someone they love most in the world. It also shows how comfort can be found in many different forms of life and that grief takes many years to finally overcome enough to live again.

He’s mature, sexy, emotional, and adorable in the way he falls for Lake. His adoration for her shows with their first encounter and just grows exponentially throughout the book. I loved that this book connected Will to Lake through the commonality of loss. He is there for her because he knows exactly what she has and will go through. No one else will get what Lake is going through except Will and what a great connection it makes.

Lake – How adorable is she
She’s stronger than she thinks but not yet strong enough to deal with what she has to deal with in the coming years. Will is going to see her through her toughest years so far.

This book is the story of Lake and Will finding each other and overcoming the adversities of life that are dealt to them. It reiterates that life goes on and family should be the most important thing in the world to all of us.
Without giving away any spoilers, the roller coaster begins on page one and isn’t even over at the end…it continues in book two which I can’t wait to read!

What a great author, I loved her writing, her story telling and the emotions that she laid out on every page.

A shout out to Jessica for telling me to read this book next…you have great taste ❤

To all those people out there that love books, take Jessica’s – and now my – advice and read this book. But I warn you, get the tissue and keep it close, you’ll need it but you’ll love the story so much, you won’t mind.

Review of “Connected” by Kim Karr

Wow! What a profoundly emotional book that just gets you believing in love at first sight, soul mates, wishes coming true and of course the art of animalistic attraction.

This book had me feeling the gamut of emotions in my repertoire.  I was electrically charged when Dahlia first meets River, intensely sad right along with Dahlia as she ventures through the several years of her journey that will lead her back to River.  I was elated when they connected again.  Of course I was angry at some of the events that occurred in the book, especially by the epilogue which led me to a little bit of hatred and an intense desire to smack the crap out of her past lover.

I loved these characters.  River is what every girl in the world would want in a soul mate.  He loves Dahlia deeply at first site and doesn’t get macho on her and deny it.  He is intense in the way he loves her and only wants her happiness, which shows in his ability to understand her love of another and what he can do to make her love again.  

Dahlia is a survivor.  She is strong and confident in herself but she is broken when she thinks all is lost.  She has lived a life of many tragedies and has come out of each a little more broken than before but she never gives up.  She gets up each day and tries to put her life back together.  In the process, she reconnects with River and he fixes pieces of her soul that she never thought could be found much less fixed.  

As I said before, the emotions are intense in this book and make you want to lock yourself in a room so that you can read this without interruption for hours and hours until you’re done.  The book flows nicely, of course the timelines at the beginning of each chapter help a lot with that .  I loved the correlation to the songs in the playlist that Kim Karr took the time to put together to enhance the reader’s experience.  The time this must have taken might be lost to some but I for one very much appreciate the ability to listen to a song that the author was thinking of as she wrote the chapter. I think it helped me immensely in just connecting that much more with the words written.

Kim Karr, I love your book!  If all of your books are like this, sign me up cuz I will stand in line to be the first to get them!!  

Review of “Drowning in You” by Rebecca Berto

Wow, what can I say but that was BAD. Did I say BAD as in REALLY REALLY BAAAADDDDD!

The book was utterly confusing, so much so that you couldn’t figure out who the heck was saying what. It started off bad, got worse and completely crash landed making me pity any other reader that listens to amazon’s recommendation that this book was like another AWESOME book out there because it SOOOOOO was not!!!!!

The book made NO sense. The father of Dexter is an abusive father at the beginning of the book and by the end we are made to believe that he’s a misunderstood father of the year…PUHLEESE! An that’s just one example

The on again off again between Dexter and Chaz was “make me pull my hair out and scream” annoying. I can usually find something good about a book but this is the first book that I read all the way to the end trying to find ONE redeeming quality in it and…nothing, I got nothing.

Ah, Where is my refund, oh wait it was free…thank goodness but I still feel cheated.

Two bad books in a row…Please, please, please let the next book be good.
Drowning in You