Review of “Selling Out” by Amber Lin

First I will start off by saying that I loved this storyline.  Yes, it was a story about prostitution and that has been done time and again but this author took this book down a somewhat different path. I found myself wanting to continue even though there were many times while reading that I was scratching my head trying to make sense of the sentence/paragraph I just read.

I will also say that I did not read the book that preceded this one so I may have been missing some of the story line because of that.  Although, I don’t think that had anything to do with the sentences that just seemed to be out of left field.

I really liked the two main characters Shelly, a high priced prostitute trying to get out of the business and Luke a cop with some very interesting and troubling secrets that make him the perfect match for Shelly.

I also liked “Ella” who is tough and you could literally see the chip on her shoulder while reading about her.  I also liked her reaction to Phillip and can see book three in this series.

The book has Henri, the villain.  He is nasty and mean and just plain ruthless.  There are other villains in the book but no spoilers from me.   

The confusing parts.

The title – not sure I get the selling out part of the story. I don’t think I would have named this book that.  And the picture on the cover does not in anyway describe the book.

And as I stated before, there were some points in the book that I was left wondering what I missed or where that came from because it made no sense whatsoever to the sentence before it.  

This books was like your typical love/hate thing for me.  It really is a great story and had great characters that you wanted to read about and find out what happened.  But it took me A LOT longer to read this book because of the frustration of trying to make sense of the sentence or paragraph that I just read.




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