Review of “This Girl” by Colleen Hoover

In this last bookImage of the series,  we are on Will and Lake’s honeymoon.  During the honeymoon, they talk about their relationship and what has happened to them to get them where they are.  We are retold a lot of the story given to us in books 1 and 2 but with additional insight from Will as the story is told from his perspective.  We learn a lot of the whys that we were left questioning in the first two books.  Between the flashbacks, we read about how Will and Lake are enjoying their honeymoon and how much they love each other.  

Since this is the end of the series I have to say that I am extremely happy and sad after reading this book.  This is a book couple that I will remember for quite some time.  In addition to the amazing couple that Colleen has created in this series, she also created some really great key phrases and take aways.  I love the theory of discussing the “sweets” and “sucks” of the day with your family and think a lot of families could benefit from this.  And who could not love her use of the word “butterfly,” how creative and absolutely fantastic.

Colleen Hoover, I will forever be a fan of your work and will gladly read and shout about how amazing your writing is.  Thank you for giving the world Will and Lake Cooper!




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