Review of “Exotica” by Eden Bradley

First let me mention…I love love love Eden Bradley books!!!

This is really a couple of stories in one book with a common theme of the Exotica resort.  It begins when two college girlfriends reconnect after one of them goes through a divorce.  Lilli has been recently divorced and her friend invites her to come to a resort that she manages saying it is the perfect ticket to get her back in the game.  Lilli’s companion for the week long stay is hot and hunky Rajan who happens to be very knowledgeable about Kama Sutra – Lucky Lilli.  Lilli tries for the whole week to convince herself that this is just sex and fun; that there is nothing meaningful going on between her and Rajan.  She believes that the only reason that Rajan is saying the things he says to her is because of his job when in fact Rajan is falling just as hard for Lilli.  And so the wonderful story begins.

Lilli’s college friend Caroline manages the Exotica resort including the hiring of new “companions”.  Caroline is feeling down and out lately and Lilli convinces her that taking advantage of her new themed suite – Arabian Nights – and the new companion hired for that theme is just the thing that Caroline needs.  Caroline is apprehensive about this but takes a leap of faith and decides to heed her friends advice.  Kian is the new companion about to rock Caroline’s world but he has some secrets of his own which may threaten to tear these two apart before they even get started.

I loved this book.  Absolutely fascinating storyline and concept.  I love how Eden creates broken women characters who are really strong underneath and they just need a little encouragement from the right man to bring it out.  Personally, I liked Lilli’s story the best but both were superbly written.  The emotions were heartfelt, the sex scenes were hotter than all get out and the male characters were exotic and hunky.

Definitely worth the read!  4 super steamy stars!



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