Desire by Marina Anderson- Short Read but Nice Set up for the Series – The Dining Club

In this book (BOOK/PART 1), we are introduced to Grace – a straight laced Theater Director that has been dating David – a savvy business with a SECRET!

See David is a dominant through and through and while he has truly enjoyed his six month relationship with Grace, he is ready to introduce her to his secret lifestyle that she is very unaware of.  David invites Grace to join him for a weekend getaway and The Dining Club which happens to be a sex club where various acts are performed by consensual members and employees.  David also has a yet to be clearly defined relationship with Amber.  Amber believes that her relationship with David will eventually grow.

The book ends as Grace and David arrive at the club and David begins to describe the club and this lifestyle along with the fate of their relationship which is entirely dependent on Grace’s reaction to the weekend.

I liked this book and I like these short read series provided that the next book is not too far behind the previous.  I was fortunate enough to be afforded each book through Netgalley so I will continue to post my reviews as I get through these books.  So far this author is still getting a 4 or 5 star rating.


Review of “Crashing Into You’ By B.D. Rowe

This is a book about a your girl, Sydney and how she is try to overcome the tragedies in her life to have normal college experiences.  Sydney is in love with her Dorm roommate’s boyfriend, Evan and he shows some significant interest in her as well.  Evan and Sydney are connected because of a class and spend time together without his girlfriend – her roommate- because of this class. Sydney fantasized about Evan and want’s to be with him but refuses to hurt her friend.  Sydney has had tragedy at a young age and it has changed her profoundly.  She is not the carefree, easygoing, partying typical college student.

The theme of the books is tragedy surrounded by the effects of drinking.  The message isn’t don’t drink but it certainly is be responsible when you do.

What I liked – not much I must admit.  Sydney, I liked her.  She seemed to be so tragic though that pulled away from the story.  She was strong and stuck to her commitment about drinking have survived a terrible event in her senior year.  I can’t imagine the anguish one would feel after living through what she did.  It doesn’t surprise me that she would be so committed in her plight.

What I did not like.

Well – TOO MANY TRAGIC THINGS GOING ON IN THIS BOOK!  There is what happens to Sydney in high school, then Melanie then that ending – jeeze.

The writing seemed clunky and rushed.  The scenes could have been more defined and elaborated upon rather than rushed and passed over for the next sad and horrifying event.  As with my fellow reviewers, I feel for this author as it is her first book and there are pockets of good.  I loved the way that Evan and Sydney finally do hook up but again the scene seemed rushed and not really connected to anything else.

Somethings weren’t explained entirely.  Like the ending for one…I HATED the ending of this book and felt so cheated.  I’m assuming that the author plans to write a second book for this one because the ending was sooooooo undone.  The writer just didn’t hit the mark with this book so I don’t know that she would get many return readers unfortunately to read the next one if the writing is as clunky as this one.

Overall, I would only afford this book a half a star to 1 star.  It just didn’t do it for me.

Now the cover on the other hand….FABULOUS!  The book just didn’t even live up to the cover!

B.D. Rowe, if you happen to come across this, here are my recommendations to making this book a smashing 5 star…

1.  Embellish on the beginning… Start with a Prologue that says something like Sydney – 18 years old – high school.  or 5 years earlier…something!  Then be descriptive.  Talk through the accident as if in slow motion and embellish on her memories of that night.  Zero in on the little boys face or the moment of impact and the thoughts that were racing through her head.  MAKE THE READER FEEL IT!

2. Definitely embellish the little triangle between Melanie, Evan and Sydney.  Have a cat fight in there between Melanie and Sydney.  Have a few flashbacks or NIGHTMARES that Evan has about that fateful night or even Sydney and the cat fight that you add.  Sydney should have several nightmares when sleeping with Evan…over what happened when she was 18 and what happened with Melanie.  Her guilt should consume her somewhat more than it does.

3.  Detail, Detail, Detail.  Describe things.  the Crunch of the impact….Evan’s soft pink lips, or beard stubble and the beard burn on her thighs or ribs or chin…whatever.  JUST ADD DETAILS!

4.  RE-WRITE that ending.  What a mess.  Add detail. change the way the events begin to unfold and ultimately land.  Make the triangle between Sydney, Evan and Michelle (the sister) a bit more dramatic…Do another party where Evan and Michelle start out at this party and go to a bedroom rather than her dorm.  ADD DRAMA.  Don’t be so doom and gloom.  People read books to get SOME happiness from it.  Give this girl a little piece of happiness.

5. FINISH the ending in this book.  Give the reader some closure.  I’m all for cliff hangers but come on.  NOTHING is explained and there is way too much undone and not concluded.  And you wait for the very last page to have Evan reveal the reality of that night…BAD form!

I could go on and up but I think even if you re-write and add these 5 things…you would have a far better book.

Review of “Wicked Beat” by Olivia Cunning

This was the book I had been waiting for in this series and I am soooooo happy to say I was NOT disappointed.  First of all a HUMUNGOUS thank you to Netgalley for affording me the opportunity to read this book for an honest review.

This is the love story of Eric Sticks – the Drummer of Sinners – The hottest band ever with hottest guys ever!  And Eric just happens to be my favorite.

Eric is the watcher up to this point.  He has watched Trey, Jace, Brian and Sed for months.  In their sexual escapade and falling in love.  He is Shy and adorable, fun loving and a goof ball.  AND – Sexy as hell. 

When Rebekah takes over on sound for Dave her older brother as he recovers from the bus accident, she is hell bent to get close to Trey because her huge crush won’t let her see anyone else.  However, the moment that Eric sees her, he is lovestruck and will do anything, including playing second fiddle to Trey to get a piece of Rebekah.  But that doesn’t last forever and he is bound to make Rebekah his and only his.  Eric overcomes his shy shell and takes the woman he wants and loves.

I loved this book and have to say next to Brian and Myrna, Eric and Rebekah is my next favorite romance.  I loved how the author played off of Eric’s shyness and inability to “seal the deal’ to build the strength in the relationship between these two adorable characters.  The voyeurism that Eric needed was perfectly fulfilled by Rebekah and I LOVED the Bunk scene and how it played out. 

I’m giving this a super fantastic 5 stars and highly recommend this book and series to anyone that loves Rock bands and the intense love stories that are conveyed by this wonderful author.  I challenge anyone to not fall in love with Eric Sticks!  Go ahead…I dare you!


Review of “Office Toy” by Cleo Peitsche

This is an extremely short erotic read.  It’s set in an office where a woman – Elle – is awaiting a job interview.  It is an interview that is so intensely sexual and so unexpected that she is overwhelmed and excited instantly. 

This book took me all of an hour to read.  It was intensely erotic and got me heated that’s for sure.  The plot was weak at best and ultimately really not my cup of tea.  I look for a bit more plot than this book offered and for me….a big no in the recommendation side of things.

To me it was degrading for women and conveyed that Elle was merely a toy to get the bosses off.  I would not recommend this book to others an frankly did not want to post a review at all.  However, I very much appreciate Netgalley for what they do and how the help promote great authors through their website so out of respect for Netgalley and what they do, I review this book to tell you  – the reader – DON’T bother


a big fat ZERO stars!

Review of “Full Exposure” By Tracy Wolff

This is a story about a woman coming to terms with her tragic past and facing her demons.  She does this by moving forward with her life while still being dragged back into her past involuntarily.  Serena is a survivor.  She is strong to a fault and tries to ensure that she only needs to block out her emotions and fears and not let anyone close enough to break through the shield that she has built around her heart and secure inner sanctum.  That inner sanctum is about to come tumbling around her as her next assignment is supper Hot sculptor Keven Riley.

Kevin is a bit of a recluse himself preferring solitude and peace to people.  He lives in a swamp where he builds these beautiful sculptures from nothing.  They are so profound and meaningful that he is the hottest thing since sliced bread and everyone wants a piece of Kevin.  He’s a brooder and a loaner that just wants to be left alone.  Until Serena is assigned to work with him to create a book about Kevin Riley and who he is through his art.  She is a photographer that takes beautiful pictures of Kevin as he sculpts his next project.

Unfortunately for both of them, they seem too preoccupied with each other.  Kevin sculpts but he can’t seem to get his mind off of Serena.  And Serena, she is taking pictures of Kevin but the pictures she is capturing – his ass – aren’t really the book worthy kind she needs.  The romance blossoms from there but can Serena let her walls down enough to let Kevin in.  Can Kevin penetrate the facade that Serena has built to protect her and save her from herself and her other demons that continue to lurk from her past?

I really liked this book.  It was a great start to an intense love story.  Both characters were beautifully defined and strongly conveyed.  The author did a great job in providing enough back story to get the reader invested enough to keep reading.  The storyline kept me turning page after intense page  to find out how it all played out.  I was in the dark about who exactly was Serena’s ‘demon’ until it was revealed and that scene was intense enough to make me jump at every noise in my house for the next several pages as it unfolded.  I would give this book a solid 4 stars and would recommend to any of you reading this….please put it on your ‘to read’ list.  It’s worth the time to read it and try out this author if you haven’t before.  I definitely will be looking up her other books and giving her another try.



Tracy Wolff – GREAT JOB on the story and LOVE LOVE LOVE the cover!!!

Review of “Come Undone” by Madelynne Ellis

First of all, a big thank you to netgalley for the opportunity to read this book for an honest review.

Xane is this ultra hot – super fine Goth Rock God that is wronged by his girlfriend and best friend. He’s fed up with the band and the feelings of being used by them.  He walks off stage and the only way to truly escape is to hitch a ride with the first girl he runs into – literally.

Dani is this angelic young lady that has had a rough go of it because her father left her mother when she was very young. As a result, her mother has a very warped perception of men and uses a vicious convent/cult of sorts to instill this belief in her daughter.  Secretly though, Dani has used Xane’s band’s music and his voice to get her through the toughest times.  She always dreamed of meeting Xane and just imagine getting back stage to said band and running smack dab right into the chest of the lead singer and her idle – Xane. 

So what do I rate this book…3, 4 or 5 stars…I am stuck.   I liked this book enough to give it 5 stars for sure.  Well at least until the very last page and the way it ended.  I am all for cliff hangers that will intrigue the reader to get the next book as soon as it’s available but I think there was just too much left undefined at the end of this book to actually make it a good cliffhanger instead of the creation of mass confusion that I felt.  I actually thought that my epub file was missing several pages.  With that said, I am definitely going to read the next book in the series and hope upon hope that all of my questions are answered. 

I think I am going to go with Image.  I really like the book and to be honest, the only disappointment that I had was the ending.  For the rest, I was on the edge, excited to see what would happen with the really great couple. 

ImageThe cover is 5 stars – MOST DEFINITELY!!!