Hellish Read for “Hell Without You” by Ranae Rose

First of all…LOVE this cover!  It’s what drew me in initially.  A big thank you to Netgalley for providing this book for an honest review!

This is a story about a seven year separation between two soul mates who met when they were mere teenagers.  Tragedy struck at that young age and through parental force, the couple went their separate ways…until seven years later when fate is determine to bring this couple together again. 

Clementine moves back to her small hometown of Willow Heights in hopes of a short stay while she seeks employment in the nearby metropolis of DC.  She never imagined that she would run into HIM of all people as she stops to reminisce at grandmother’s former home.  This home has wonderful memories for her childhood only the house is no longer her Grandmothers’s….it’s HIS, Donovan’s.

Clementine is dumbstruck when she learns that the love of her life has bought her childhood home and made it his.

Donovan is a brokenhearted man searching for the part of his soul that went missing seven years ago.  His love for her has never wavered and his need for her is exemplified as he begins to spend more time with her.  Old nightmares come back to haunt Donovan and only Clementine can make it right.

From there the love rekindles and the two become inseparable…until once again tragedy threatens to tear them apart for good.  Will their love survive this time?  Hmmmm…

I liked this book and it’s story line.  I adored both Clementine and Donovan and the connections that they shared.  Clementine is this lost woman and only realizes that she was just surviving her years in college without Donovan.  It takes seeing him again for Clementine to truly understand the depths of their love together.  Donovan is this gruff yet cuddly teddy bear that only wants the love of his life in order for his life to be complete.  He is desperate to keep her this time and fight for their love.

With that said however; I felt that while the story was a good story line, it lacked the intensity to hook the reader and make it where you just couldn’t put the book down until it’s completely read.  To be honest, I started this book and read three others between it because I just wasn’t that intrigued to finish.  It’s a good story for sure, just needs more OMG moments and HOT love scenes and SCAREY moments; just something to get the reader’s heart pumping faster.  I really didn’t feel any of those while reading this.  I’m glad I finished the book and would encourage others that like romance with a definite PG-17 rating….to go for it.  You’ll like it but don’t expect intense moments.

I give it a 3 star rating


Hopelessly Addicted to Colleen Hoover!

This is a fantastically beautifully written story about a girl, Sky who since a very young age has been sheltered and protected by her mother Karen.  She was home schooled until this year and has no reasons to doubt her existence as she knows it.  She is numb to emotions and intimacy and thinks that this is just how she is.  Many secrets lay in wait for Sky to discover about herself and her past, she just needs a nudge to discover what is in her past that she has suppressed.   It takes a very strange yet, oddly comforting encounter with a boy she has never met but has heard about to begin to unlock the memories that Sky has locked away in her mind.

Holder has been searching for seven years, for forgiveness, for peace and for Hope!  He moves home to live with his mother after losing his sister to suicide a year prior.  He doesn’t know Sky since she never attended school til this year but there is something that draws him to her and he believes he knows what that something is. 

As Holder and Sky get to know each other and become more than just friends the truth slowly comes out causing heartache, pain and eventually some closure to the loss that Sky has had in her life. 

I LOVED THIS BOOK!  It is a solid 5 star (and beyond) book and everyone should read it.  I was enthralled in this story from page one and couldn’t put it down.  I walked around with my e-reader connected to my hand until I completed it and I really wanted to go right back to page one and start all over again.  The feelings conveyed in this book were so profound I felt it in my toes!  My spine literally tingled when Sky encountered demons of her past.  I waited with baited breath for the love to flourish between Holder and Sky. 

Colleen Hoover…YOU are FABULOUS!!!!  I love love love your books!  You are a beautiful storyteller and can’t wait for future books from you.  

Announcements, Giveaways and I’m In Trouble! You don’t want to miss this.

I am so FREAKING excited about this book. Colleen Hoover….OH How I love thee!!!

Colleen Hoover

I have had one heck of a ride these past two years. It feels like I’ve been watching someone else’s dreams play out in front of me. I don’t feel like this is my life. Five novels? All five NYT’s bestsellers? Movie options?
It’s un-freaking-believable.

However, out of all that has happened, I am the most proud and the most excited and the most EVERYTHING about my next release, Maybe Someday. I have been DYING to tell everyone more about this book, but I’ve been keeping hush for a reason. This has been the hardest project I’ve ever tackled out of all the things I’ve ever tackled. And I’ve tackled a lot of things.

The synopsis for Maybe Someday is rather vague, as is the synopsis for all my books. I’ll tell you a little more about it without spoiling anything, other than the one thing I want to…

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Sinful “Submit”, Part Seven and Final “Surrender” Part Eight in The Dining Club Series by Marina Anderson

In part seven, Grace is entering her fourth and final trial in order to be accepted and loved by the man she adores and loves…David.  But is it the end…will Grace finally be rid of Amber?

This challenge gives new meaning to control and having control of ones body as Grace quickly learns.  She is tested to the deepest depths and has to contend with Amber and Andrew trying to make her fail.  Andrew because he wants Grace for himself and Amber because she want Grace out of the Dining Club and more importantly out of David’s life. 

As before, Grace is apprehensive and fearful of David’s true feelings.  David is as aloof as ever as Grace enters the fourth challenge.

I’m still liking this series and the intensity is getting strong.  I love Grace’s innocence and trepidation as she tries to comes to terms with her new found sexuality and preferences while trying to will David’s affections to appear.   I’m still not liking the pompous ass – David – and his coldness towards Grace.   Just like last time though, I could not wait to read that last part so on I went before writing my review.

Whew, the final Part in this series.  Grace is adamant about challenging Amber at table five with the win meaning that Amber is out of the Dining Club and more importantly out of David’s life for good.  Amber while not pleased about what the challenge means, is determined to succeed anyway.  David loves Grace but is resolved in his belief that he will never be satisfied with one woman and for all time.  Grace is determined to prove him wrong. 

I liked the final part.  I liked seeing the strength of Grace come out and that the entire experience has helped her achieve that strength.  I can’t say that I ever warmed up to David but it certainly added an element to the whole story line.  I loved the spoiledness of Amber and the angst she contributed to the book and series.  Amber was the perfect villain.  As the series ended, I found myself feeling sorry for Andrew and hoping that he’d find the love of his life. 

I’m sticking with my 4 star rating and saying it’s worth the 30 minutes per part to read through it.  Easy fast reads and great concept.


Tantalizing “Touch” Part Five and Relentless “Caress” Part Six of The Dining Club series by Marina Anderson

In the fifth part of the Dining Club, Grace is entering her third trial.  In this trial she is competing against one of the twins – Amy – who has a strong endurance.  With experience, knowledge and strength on her side, Amy is the sure winner of this challenge with immensely delights Amber, Andrew and…David?  Grace is fueled though by her jealousy of Amber and is determined to do what is necessary to keep David’s affections focused on her.  David doesn’t play fair thought and excites Grace even before the trial began then teases her to no end.

I found myself becoming less and less of a David fan as this part five played out.  His behavior is that of a controlling bastard who doesn’t really know what will satisfy him for the long hall and he is playing with strong emotions in Grace and using them against her.  Andrew’s affections continue to grow while Amber’s determination to eliminate Grace from David’s life exponentially grows.  Andrew takes matters into his own hands and decides to run into Grace and explain a few things to her.  Grace reluctantly invites him up to her flat but doesn’t feel comfortable with this at all.

Personally, I think Grace should tell them all to go to hell and find her Mr. Perfect elsewhere but with that said, I again couldn’t wait for what happened and had to read part six too.

In Part six, David is away on Business and Andrew has taken the opportunity to visit Grace at a pub and discuss David’s past.  As Grace learns what she has feared all along, she is angered and enlightened by the revelations from Andrew.  David has mixed emotions and is extremely conflicted as to whether or not he wants Grace to be successful in the fourth trial.  He goes so far as to purposely tire her out the night before but he does admit – to himself at least – that he was extremely angered and jealous of Andrew’s visit.  As they drive to the Dining Club for the trial , he is purposely evasive about the events about to play out.  He gives Grace minimal details and has yet to determine if he wants her to succeed or fail. 

I like David but hate him too.  I think he has a cruelty to him that Grace in her sweetness does not deserve. 

I’m still at a solid 4 star and can’t wait to read Part Seven!  I’m getting NOTHING done today!

Stiring after reading “Seduce” Part Four in the Dining Club series by Marina Anderson

In Part four, Grace is in the middle of her second trial.  She is struggling to understand the way that David loves and that he will enjoy her being in pain.  She doesn’t understand that David is trying to show her the pleasure that one can feel through a little bit of pain.  Grace is having a hard time wrapping her head around this as she has seen the other woman in the trial give up the man she loves and leave the Dining Club.  David encourages her while Amber is secretly hopeful that Grace is about to end this.

The jealousy is mounting and the love is growing.  Grace is getting more and more jealous of Amber thus becoming more and more determined to get through each trial and prove her love for David.  Amber in turn is even more determined to get Grace to fail.  Andrew’s affections for Grace and need to protect her is strengthening even though he is not fully participating in Grace’s second trial .  I can’t wait to see what happens next.

David is FINALLY showing some emotions and we are learning why he is so stand offish and cold at times.  I am beginning to believe that he truly loves her but is protecting himself in case she doesn’t succeed through the trials.  I’m starting to like him more but think I might be rooting more for Andrew because he seems more willing to accept Grace as she is.

I’m still at a strong 4 star for this series and it’s getting quite interesting.  I love the play on various emotions that the author is conveying through all the characters  Really liking the writing!

Caputred by “Crave” Part three of the Dinning Club series by Marina Anderson

In part three, Grace is going back to the Dining Club to go through her second trial.  As the time draws nearer, Grace is informed that she won’t be alone in the second trial.  She is informed that last month’s guest must repeat the trial do to employee errors from the previous month.  She gets more nervous because of this but soon takes comfort in the fact that she won’t be alone as she breaches her fears and relaxes into the trial.  Andrews affections for Grace continues to grow while Amber gains steam in her resolve to end Grace’s time at the Club through ensuring Grace fails.  “Crave ends halfway through her second trial so I must say that I read on to part four because I just couldn’t wait long enough to write this review. 

I’m getting more engaged in the characters of the series and find myself rooting for Grace’s success through all four trials even though I continue to believe that David remains aloof and unaffectionate towards Grace as she is struggling to try and understand what is happening and what will happen next.  Her ignorance in this lifestyle increases her apprehension to continue and he does nothing (in my opinion) to calm her.

Still at a 4 star as we get through this third part.