Stiring after reading “Seduce” Part Four in the Dining Club series by Marina Anderson

In Part four, Grace is in the middle of her second trial.  She is struggling to understand the way that David loves and that he will enjoy her being in pain.  She doesn’t understand that David is trying to show her the pleasure that one can feel through a little bit of pain.  Grace is having a hard time wrapping her head around this as she has seen the other woman in the trial give up the man she loves and leave the Dining Club.  David encourages her while Amber is secretly hopeful that Grace is about to end this.

The jealousy is mounting and the love is growing.  Grace is getting more and more jealous of Amber thus becoming more and more determined to get through each trial and prove her love for David.  Amber in turn is even more determined to get Grace to fail.  Andrew’s affections for Grace and need to protect her is strengthening even though he is not fully participating in Grace’s second trial .  I can’t wait to see what happens next.

David is FINALLY showing some emotions and we are learning why he is so stand offish and cold at times.  I am beginning to believe that he truly loves her but is protecting himself in case she doesn’t succeed through the trials.  I’m starting to like him more but think I might be rooting more for Andrew because he seems more willing to accept Grace as she is.

I’m still at a strong 4 star for this series and it’s getting quite interesting.  I love the play on various emotions that the author is conveying through all the characters  Really liking the writing!


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