Sinful “Submit”, Part Seven and Final “Surrender” Part Eight in The Dining Club Series by Marina Anderson

In part seven, Grace is entering her fourth and final trial in order to be accepted and loved by the man she adores and loves…David.  But is it the end…will Grace finally be rid of Amber?

This challenge gives new meaning to control and having control of ones body as Grace quickly learns.  She is tested to the deepest depths and has to contend with Amber and Andrew trying to make her fail.  Andrew because he wants Grace for himself and Amber because she want Grace out of the Dining Club and more importantly out of David’s life. 

As before, Grace is apprehensive and fearful of David’s true feelings.  David is as aloof as ever as Grace enters the fourth challenge.

I’m still liking this series and the intensity is getting strong.  I love Grace’s innocence and trepidation as she tries to comes to terms with her new found sexuality and preferences while trying to will David’s affections to appear.   I’m still not liking the pompous ass – David – and his coldness towards Grace.   Just like last time though, I could not wait to read that last part so on I went before writing my review.

Whew, the final Part in this series.  Grace is adamant about challenging Amber at table five with the win meaning that Amber is out of the Dining Club and more importantly out of David’s life for good.  Amber while not pleased about what the challenge means, is determined to succeed anyway.  David loves Grace but is resolved in his belief that he will never be satisfied with one woman and for all time.  Grace is determined to prove him wrong. 

I liked the final part.  I liked seeing the strength of Grace come out and that the entire experience has helped her achieve that strength.  I can’t say that I ever warmed up to David but it certainly added an element to the whole story line.  I loved the spoiledness of Amber and the angst she contributed to the book and series.  Amber was the perfect villain.  As the series ended, I found myself feeling sorry for Andrew and hoping that he’d find the love of his life. 

I’m sticking with my 4 star rating and saying it’s worth the 30 minutes per part to read through it.  Easy fast reads and great concept.



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