Hopelessly Addicted to Colleen Hoover!

This is a fantastically beautifully written story about a girl, Sky who since a very young age has been sheltered and protected by her mother Karen.  She was home schooled until this year and has no reasons to doubt her existence as she knows it.  She is numb to emotions and intimacy and thinks that this is just how she is.  Many secrets lay in wait for Sky to discover about herself and her past, she just needs a nudge to discover what is in her past that she has suppressed.   It takes a very strange yet, oddly comforting encounter with a boy she has never met but has heard about to begin to unlock the memories that Sky has locked away in her mind.

Holder has been searching for seven years, for forgiveness, for peace and for Hope!  He moves home to live with his mother after losing his sister to suicide a year prior.  He doesn’t know Sky since she never attended school til this year but there is something that draws him to her and he believes he knows what that something is. 

As Holder and Sky get to know each other and become more than just friends the truth slowly comes out causing heartache, pain and eventually some closure to the loss that Sky has had in her life. 

I LOVED THIS BOOK!  It is a solid 5 star (and beyond) book and everyone should read it.  I was enthralled in this story from page one and couldn’t put it down.  I walked around with my e-reader connected to my hand until I completed it and I really wanted to go right back to page one and start all over again.  The feelings conveyed in this book were so profound I felt it in my toes!  My spine literally tingled when Sky encountered demons of her past.  I waited with baited breath for the love to flourish between Holder and Sky. 

Colleen Hoover…YOU are FABULOUS!!!!  I love love love your books!  You are a beautiful storyteller and can’t wait for future books from you.  


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