Hellish Read for “Hell Without You” by Ranae Rose

First of all…LOVE this cover!  It’s what drew me in initially.  A big thank you to Netgalley for providing this book for an honest review!

This is a story about a seven year separation between two soul mates who met when they were mere teenagers.  Tragedy struck at that young age and through parental force, the couple went their separate ways…until seven years later when fate is determine to bring this couple together again. 

Clementine moves back to her small hometown of Willow Heights in hopes of a short stay while she seeks employment in the nearby metropolis of DC.  She never imagined that she would run into HIM of all people as she stops to reminisce at grandmother’s former home.  This home has wonderful memories for her childhood only the house is no longer her Grandmothers’s….it’s HIS, Donovan’s.

Clementine is dumbstruck when she learns that the love of her life has bought her childhood home and made it his.

Donovan is a brokenhearted man searching for the part of his soul that went missing seven years ago.  His love for her has never wavered and his need for her is exemplified as he begins to spend more time with her.  Old nightmares come back to haunt Donovan and only Clementine can make it right.

From there the love rekindles and the two become inseparable…until once again tragedy threatens to tear them apart for good.  Will their love survive this time?  Hmmmm…

I liked this book and it’s story line.  I adored both Clementine and Donovan and the connections that they shared.  Clementine is this lost woman and only realizes that she was just surviving her years in college without Donovan.  It takes seeing him again for Clementine to truly understand the depths of their love together.  Donovan is this gruff yet cuddly teddy bear that only wants the love of his life in order for his life to be complete.  He is desperate to keep her this time and fight for their love.

With that said however; I felt that while the story was a good story line, it lacked the intensity to hook the reader and make it where you just couldn’t put the book down until it’s completely read.  To be honest, I started this book and read three others between it because I just wasn’t that intrigued to finish.  It’s a good story for sure, just needs more OMG moments and HOT love scenes and SCAREY moments; just something to get the reader’s heart pumping faster.  I really didn’t feel any of those while reading this.  I’m glad I finished the book and would encourage others that like romance with a definite PG-17 rating….to go for it.  You’ll like it but don’t expect intense moments.

I give it a 3 star rating


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