Loved this book; “Come to Me Quietly” by A. L. Jackson


She loved him from the start.  Her brother’s best friend.  She needed to be with him only if it was to tag along on their teenage adventures.  No one knew how she felt; it was her secret buried in sketches that were for her eyes only.  He left her though and broke her barely teenage heart.

Jared is riddled with guilt for all that he had done in his past.  He bares the weight of all that is wrong with his world on his shoulders and refuses to let good things in, including Aly.  He returns after being gone for years and it’s very clear that he is on a path of self-destruction and will not drag Aly down with him.  He fights his feelings because he believes he is not allowed any joy in his life.  He is convinced that Aly will be tainted and ruined if she cares about him and so he fights his feelings for her.  Until one day, he can’t

This was a fantastic read, I loved it so much that I caught myself trying to read a couple of paragraphs ahead because I just didn’t have the patience to get there eventually.  I would scold myself and get back to where I was because I just couldn’t stand that I might have missed a very important detail.

Every word on each page was seeping emotions.  A.L. Jackson writes with such an intensity that I found myself getting so wrapped up in the story so much that nothing else mattered but finishing this book.  Jared is such a tortured soul and the guilt that he feels radiates from each page and smacks you right in the heart.

Great book, I would easily give this 5 stars!   I can’t wait to read the next one!


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