Not Regretting “Lost to You” by A.L. Jackson 0.5 Novella to “The Regret Series”



In this novella, we learn how Christian and Elizabeth lost their hearts to each other.  They started out as study buddies but the attraction was more than they could handle.  But the odds are against them simply because of their upbringing. 

Elizabeth is soft and kind, growing up in a loving single parent home with her mom and sisters.  She knew and felt love every day. Christian had both parents but they were cold and uncaring when it came to his emotions; his father only caring about his achievements rather than the mental and emotion health of his only son.  Christian’s mother accepted and complied with the coldness her husband had with is son showing the same indifference towards her son for years.

Christian is a player and sleeps around a lot but Elizabeth is different.  Sure, he wants her but there is more and soon studying with her and being her friend is no longer enough. 

I really liked this book and author.  In a very short novella, A.L. Jackson portrays loneliness and a desperate need to be loved.  She delivers angst over the connection these two have but are unwilling to act upon simply because they don’t want to ruin what they have.  She perfectly describes the doubt that Elizabeth has in Christian’s ability to love and be monogamous.  As a reader, I felt these emotions and couldn’t wait to see what happened with this couple.  I found myself rooting for them and hoping that Elizabeth would give Christian a chance. 

I would give this novella a 4.5 star review.  I encourage anyone who wants to read this series to start with this novella first as it really makes book one that much better having understood the situation better because of the novella.

I think I have to add A.L. Jackson to my favorite authors list.  GREAT story!


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