Not Regretting “Take this Regret” by A. L. Jackson



After reading the Novella that introduced this couple, there was no question that I would read the rest of the series.  “Take this Regret” begins as Christian and Elizabeth are in their last year of college having met and fell in love on their first year of college (Novella; “Lost to You.)  They’ve been together for the four years and have been happy.  Christian is still struggling with his demanding father but Elizabeth is his happiness.  Until she tells him that he is going to be a father.  The ultimatum he places at Elizabeth’s feet leaves her little choice as she walks out of his apartment and life to have this baby alone…heartbroken…afraid.

For five years, Christian struggles with the decision that he made years ago.  He finds himself heading up the San Diego law firm for his father’s company having realized his plan of being a lawyer while abandoning his child and love of his life.  Yet he wonders if she will be there, in the same city that she grew up in.  Will she be happy with Matthew as he assumed she was?  What about the child; is it a he or a she?  

The encounter is unexpected but profound.  In his heart, he knows it’s her; he can see through the eyes of this little child as she clings to this woman that Christian has never met.  This chance encounter is all that it takes to drive him to find her…them…his family.  But will Elizabeth be ready to embrace Christian in their lives…

Wow, this book was fantastic.  I loved it from page to page.  I read every chance I got just to find out what would happen next in the book and if happiness would finally find them.  It was a page turner and often made me late to do things I was suppose to do.  This is the kind of book where to want to read it cover to cover in one sitting and you don’t want anyone to disturb you until you close the book.  

A.L. Jackson, you really know how to write a book chocked full of angst and emotions that overwhelm your reader and sucks them in to the story from the first page.  I look forward to reading “If Forever Comes” as well and can’t wait to find out what other trials this couple has to go through before they find their happily ever after.


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