Middle of the Road on “Beautiful Addiction” by Season Vining


With her memory gone, Josie is wandering and lost; living a lifestyle that belongs to someone else.  She is wild and free but is she really?  She refuses to believe in love and hope.  The years have not been kind to her since losing her parents and her memory but she is doing the best she can.  This beautiful stranger is so mesmerizing that she can’t stay away.  She feels this unexplainable pull to Tristan that has her showing up at his bar every night he works as if she knows him…does she?  Her protective walls are thick and high but Tristan is her comfort that allows her to venture outside of her safety net. 

Danger seems to be around every corner though and her past is the cause.  Will she remember what it is in time to save her?  Will Tristan be the hero? 


What I liked

This book was Good.  I liked the story line and the connection that these two have.  I liked the hard edges of Josie and Tristan as well as their shattered pasts because of the lives they’ve both lived since last seeing each other.  I liked that Tristan is the bridge to her history and her parents…he gives her back a piece of herself because of these memories.  I think this is the author’s first book and for a first book, she did good. 

What I thought could be better (I won’t say I didn’t like because I did like the book)

For me, this storyline should have been far more INTENSE causing me to eagerly turn page after page when in fact it took me a long time to read this book and I read two others while trying to finish this one.   The suspense could have been off the chart when but it lasted for less than a chapter and really fizzled into not much.  Sex scenes were skimmed over more so that should have been based on the personalities of these two characters – not a single set of butterflies were felt when reading this book.  Lastly, Tristan being portrayed as this rough and tough, deep dark secrets kind of guy, really was soft – too soft and sweet all the time leaving me wonder if he really would live up to the bad ass persona as described. 


Overall I give this book 3 solid stars.  For a first book, pretty good!