Escaped me…Escape by Sydney Holmes

This is a book about a woman on the run from something.  She holes up in this apartment complex above the very hot and tempting PI Shane.  Shane immediately takes an interest in Rowan and has to get to know her.  Shane is intrigued by Rowan and all of her secrets.  Will he learn what the secrets are…will we?

That was the BIG question throughout this entire book.  I must be honest; I struggled with reading this book and remaining interested.  I don’t feel like the author gave enough nuggets of the secret away to keep me invested in the story.  It escapes me and made it very difficult for me to relate to Rowan or believe anything more than she is a girl on the run for an unknown reason with no real conveyed danger.  Also, Shane is a PI right?  He is intrigued by Rowan and then jealous of her “relative” Justin which we don’t learn what kind of relative Justin is until the cliffhanger ending.  But Shane doesn’t once use his PI skills to figure her out or learn a bit about her.  I found this to be a bit of a loss in the story.  The author could have had Shane investigate her which would make the danger more imminent and add to the intensity of the story.

I don’t know, maybe more will be revealed in book two.  I may read it simply because of the cliffhanger the author gave at the end.  But I will say, if I become as disinterest with book two as I did with book 1…not sure I will finish it.


I was provided this book by netgalley for an honest review.