Beautiful Blogger – Thank you Natalie!


Thank you Natalie ( for nominating my blog for the beautiful blogger award.  I love books and love to tell others about what I’ve read.  I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my reviews

The rules work as follows:

You are to copy the logo onto your post, Thank the people who nominated you. Then please tell us 7 things about you. You may then nominate 7 people for the award.

Seven things about this blogger

1. I am currently pursuing my MBA and have one class left!
2. I’m a middle manager in Clinical Development for a large Pharma company
3. I wrote a book but I’m too afraid for anyone to read it
4. I have a sincere weakness for romance novels…the smuttier the better
5. I’ve just recently discovered the world of blogging and I’m addicted but have no clue what I am doing
6. I listen to a song that I just found over an over again…right now, I’m loving Civil Wars…Poison & Wine…LOVE IT (thank you to the Edge of Never)
7. I know boring but I am a mother of two (Miles 4 and Vivian 5&1/2) and married to a great husband for life!

My nominations…Please remember that I am a novice here and so I steel shamelessly from others favorites because I like them too!


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