About a year ago, a friend sent me a book in the mail that she just read with a caption on a sticky saying…READ THIS!  It just so happen to be the first series by this author whom I had never heard of and so I put it aside for awhile saying, yeah yeah, I’ll get to it eventually.  After all, I was a little burnt out on the whole vampire scene with Twilight in full swing and all so I didn’t read it right away. 

My friend was RELENTLESS in her pursuit to get me to read this however so one Saturday morning last March before my kids got up, I started to read this book “Some Girls Bite.” It was so FAN-FRICKING-TASTIC that I didn’t put the book down until I finished it.  I’d say I loved it but I don’t really think that comes close to how…

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Review of “House Rules” by Chloe Neill

Wow…Just WOW.  What a great book and such a great series from such a great writer.  This book has Merit and Ethan facing their greatest of foes, the GP. The uber authority of civilized vampires according to Darius (the ego crazy leader of the GP).  Not only does Ethan and Merit have to deal with the GP; they also must deal with a murder/mystery, jealousy, recovery from their previous encounters with dark magic, and lastly settling in to couple-hood.  Of course they are super vampires and manage with ease…ha

This seventh installment in the Chicagoland Vampires series is no different than the other six.  It is very well written and her content editors are superb as I found not one mistake or one sentence that didn’t make sense to me…KUDOS!  The books grabs you from the start and holds you tight until you’ve finished.  I read this book in what equated to a day.  While life interrupted me occasionally, I was addicted to and in dire straights to get back to it as soon as I could.

This is a great book.  Definitely worth the money and the time it takes to read it.

Only have two regrets and they are.  1.  We have to wait until August for book 8.  2.  We are one book closer to the end of this series and that saddens me deeply as I would love to read about Ethan and Merit…FOR-EV-ER!!

My word of advice to the movie maker sout there…MAKE THIS SERIES INTO MOVIES ALREADY.  I think it would far surpass the Twilight series, for sure.