Desire by Marina Anderson- Short Read but Nice Set up for the Series – The Dining Club

In this book (BOOK/PART 1), we are introduced to Grace – a straight laced Theater Director that has been dating David – a savvy business with a SECRET!

See David is a dominant through and through and while he has truly enjoyed his six month relationship with Grace, he is ready to introduce her to his secret lifestyle that she is very unaware of.  David invites Grace to join him for a weekend getaway and The Dining Club which happens to be a sex club where various acts are performed by consensual members and employees.  David also has a yet to be clearly defined relationship with Amber.  Amber believes that her relationship with David will eventually grow.

The book ends as Grace and David arrive at the club and David begins to describe the club and this lifestyle along with the fate of their relationship which is entirely dependent on Grace’s reaction to the weekend.

I liked this book and I like these short read series provided that the next book is not too far behind the previous.  I was fortunate enough to be afforded each book through Netgalley so I will continue to post my reviews as I get through these books.  So far this author is still getting a 4 or 5 star rating.