Breathless after reading “Breathe into Me” by Sara Fawkes


Lacey is a young girl with a lot of problems.  She lives in a town that has not really felt like home.  She is worried about her baby brother.  Her mom has checked out and doesn’t seem to care about Lacey or 4 year old Davy. Her Grandma is in no way a kind woman.  And, insult to injury, her past won’t stay in the past.  She has cruel friends and an ex-boyfriend from hell.  Lacey is struggling to overcome what she calls her life and start new.  Can she do it?
Everett has his own demons in his past to overcome.  After laying eyes on Lacey in a local bar, Everett is hopeful for a new start himself.

This couple is so adorable!  I loved the interactions between both of them.  Everett has a strong protective instinct when it comes to Lacey and he is her knight in a dull rusty hatchback.  Throughout the story, you see the love building between these two and it’s very refreshing and hopeful.  

I really liked this book!  The storyline was current and refreshing bringing to light the current bullying tactics that young kids and young adults fall victim to.  My heart broke for this couple and the despair was evident on this pages of this book.

A solid 4 star romance in my opinion!


Wrecked for “Wrecked” by Priscilla West




This a story about Lorrie who has had much tragedy in her life and that tragedy has been publicly analyzed and talked about since it happened giving Lorrie very little privacy or normalcy.  Lorrie is looking to get back to college and getting to as normal of a college life as she can manage.  She’s not looking for love or a guy or even a date; just the college experience and classes. 

But as luck would have it and the fact that Lorrie crossed paths with a rather vocal and shrilling cat; Hunter “The Hammer” literally jumps into her life and want’s to be friends.

Their friendship blooms into more but Lorrie is fighting it with every step convinced that she is just not ready.  That is until Hunter has had enough and Lorrie is feeling the threat of completely losing Hunter.

This is a story about new love and the discovery of this love and the trust that must develop between them. 

This book was HOT and fun and emotional, and infuriating in that way where you just want to scream at the stupidity of people just falling in love and the conclusions they jump to.  The story telling was good and the flow was nicely paced.  The love scenes were hot but tasteful and the intensity was YUM.  This was a couple that I could really fall in love with.  They were affectionate and intense for each other and who wouldn’t want that for a new love life. 

I would give it a solid 4 star rating and would certainly read another book by Priscilla West.  As a matter of fact, sign me up for book 2 right now because the end of Wrecked has me jonesing for book 2 already.