Middle of the Road on “Beautiful Addiction” by Season Vining


With her memory gone, Josie is wandering and lost; living a lifestyle that belongs to someone else.  She is wild and free but is she really?  She refuses to believe in love and hope.  The years have not been kind to her since losing her parents and her memory but she is doing the best she can.  This beautiful stranger is so mesmerizing that she can’t stay away.  She feels this unexplainable pull to Tristan that has her showing up at his bar every night he works as if she knows him…does she?  Her protective walls are thick and high but Tristan is her comfort that allows her to venture outside of her safety net. 

Danger seems to be around every corner though and her past is the cause.  Will she remember what it is in time to save her?  Will Tristan be the hero? 


What I liked

This book was Good.  I liked the story line and the connection that these two have.  I liked the hard edges of Josie and Tristan as well as their shattered pasts because of the lives they’ve both lived since last seeing each other.  I liked that Tristan is the bridge to her history and her parents…he gives her back a piece of herself because of these memories.  I think this is the author’s first book and for a first book, she did good. 

What I thought could be better (I won’t say I didn’t like because I did like the book)

For me, this storyline should have been far more INTENSE causing me to eagerly turn page after page when in fact it took me a long time to read this book and I read two others while trying to finish this one.   The suspense could have been off the chart when but it lasted for less than a chapter and really fizzled into not much.  Sex scenes were skimmed over more so that should have been based on the personalities of these two characters – not a single set of butterflies were felt when reading this book.  Lastly, Tristan being portrayed as this rough and tough, deep dark secrets kind of guy, really was soft – too soft and sweet all the time leaving me wonder if he really would live up to the bad ass persona as described. 


Overall I give this book 3 solid stars.  For a first book, pretty good!


Breathless after reading “Breathe into Me” by Sara Fawkes


Lacey is a young girl with a lot of problems.  She lives in a town that has not really felt like home.  She is worried about her baby brother.  Her mom has checked out and doesn’t seem to care about Lacey or 4 year old Davy. Her Grandma is in no way a kind woman.  And, insult to injury, her past won’t stay in the past.  She has cruel friends and an ex-boyfriend from hell.  Lacey is struggling to overcome what she calls her life and start new.  Can she do it?
Everett has his own demons in his past to overcome.  After laying eyes on Lacey in a local bar, Everett is hopeful for a new start himself.

This couple is so adorable!  I loved the interactions between both of them.  Everett has a strong protective instinct when it comes to Lacey and he is her knight in a dull rusty hatchback.  Throughout the story, you see the love building between these two and it’s very refreshing and hopeful.  

I really liked this book!  The storyline was current and refreshing bringing to light the current bullying tactics that young kids and young adults fall victim to.  My heart broke for this couple and the despair was evident on this pages of this book.

A solid 4 star romance in my opinion!

“Beg” by CD Reiss left me Begging for More!




This is a Series book but what is different is that it is set up like a TV series in that it’s short, the ending is a cliffhanger for the next book and it’s fast moving and action packed.  

This is the first in the “Songs of Submission” series by CD Reiss whom I have never read before but so glad I did!  In this first book we are introduced to Monica; a singer/songwriter struggling to make in in the music business and survive financially on waitress jobs.  Then there is Jonathan, the “bazillionaire” that seems to like Monica from the start as she is the newest waitress at his restaurant.  Jonathan seems to be still hung up on his ex-wife Jess and Monica is not looking for any complications while pursuing her music career.  Will Monica beg for Jonathan’s attention????

C.D. Reiss, I like your concept and the way that your ending the books on questions and what ifs for the next book.  You’ve hooked me, that’s for sure.  

Great start to the series.  I liked the interaction and the build up of all the supporting characters.  I can sense some really serious moments coming in the next books and I can’t wait to read them all.

I would give this a solid 4 star review.  A big thank you to Netgalley for providing me with the ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

So Good “Believe” by Erin McCarthy


The third book in the True series is about Robin (Rory and Jessica’s friend) and Phoenix (Tyler and Riley’s cousin).  If you recall from “Sweet” something happened with Robin at the Shit Shack party where Riley dunked a guy’s head in Beer because of the way he was talking to Jess. 

Robin has been aloof and just not herself since that party and her friends don’t understand.  Phoenix his home from 5 months in jail and is crashing at the Mann house on the couch.  When Robin stops by to paint a portrait of Easton and have dinner, Jessica grills her to find out what is wrong with her while Phoenix “sleeps” on the couch in the same room.  And so it begins.

This was a great story.  Phoenix is hot, hair hanging in the face, slim but muscular and a bit aloof himself.  He is reserved and doesn’t trust a lot of people with his true self but he finds Robin to be easy to be around and he can’t seem to get enough of her.

Robin is pained.  She hates how she behaved at the party and is committed to not let it happen again.  She has distanced herself from her friends, stopped drinking and going to parties.  She wants to find her center and Phoenix is just the man to help her do that. The connection is instant.  They both feel better when in the presence of the other.

Erin McCarthy has done it again.  She has created two characters that have troubled yet very different pasts and sparked a connection with them.  She is such a great writer and I love reading her books. 

I really like this series and can’t wait for the next book, “Shattered”.  Please Please please, Erin hurry!

I give this book 4 stars

The Brilliance of Erin McCarthy – A Review of “Sweet”



In book two of the “True Believers” series, we learn more about Jessica and Riley.  Let me tell you…they are worth getting to know!

Jess comes off as a spoiled rich kids while Riley is the older – HOT (if I could make this word flash in neon colors I would) -brother of Tyler.  Riley has moved back home after their mother passed away and Jess is struggling to find a place to stay for one week until her sublet apartment is available.  If you recall from book one, Jess and Riley are a lot like oil and water rather than moth and flame.
At first impression of Jessica in “True,” I really thought of her as the spoiled rich kid that was on this high horse and not a single person could measure up.  I also thought she was a bit slutty and mean.  In “Sweet,” we learn more about why Jessica is this way and that I may have misjudged her entirely.

Riley is super hot (tattoos, muscles on top of muscles, no shirt, low hanging jeans….YUM) and seemed like a loaner in the first book.  In this book we get to know Riley as a person and I have to say…be still my beating heart.  He’s HOT, soulful, intense, loyal, HOT, emotional, caring and did I say HOT.  Like really hot.

Erin McCarthy has a way with spinning a story that hooks you from the start.  You have no choice but to read and read until you finish.  I am in awe of her writing ability and the way in which she writes about average everyday people doing average every day things but with such interesting twists that one has no choice but to become immersed in the world that Erin has created.  Her characters have real life problems (no money, no place to live, drug addict mom, controlling parents, young people trying to find their own way in life) and Erin makes it interesting and heart wrenching.  I just love it.

I really liked this book. I liked it because of the twists that she puts on family dynamics.  Jess comes from this super well off family that wants to control every aspect of her life.  Her brother is a vindictive ass-hat and her mother is so self involved she can’t think of a single other person above herself.  Riley is poorer than dirt but the loyalty and love that he exudes is massive.  He would do anything – absolutely anything – for his brothers.  He gave up his dreams so that he could take care of his little brothers.

I also liked how she drives home the adage that opposites attract.  Rich, high styling, spoiled Jessica and penniless, rough, roofer, Riley.  It’s a stretch of the imagination that these two could hook up but Erin makes it believable and good!

I must admit that I am a big Erin McCarthy fan and would read just about anything she writes.  Trying to remove my bias and provided an honest to gosh rating, I would give this book a solid 4 stars.  Most definitely worth the read.

Review of “Song of the Fireflies” by J. A. Redmerski

Bray and Elias meet when they are the mere ages of 8 and 9 respectively.  Bray is magnetic to Elias.  He can’t seem to break the trance that she has on him.  They become best friends “forever” and so the journey begins carrying them into adulthood. Elias is this strong, self-controlled yet fun loving young man.  He loves Bray but is afraid to move from friendship to intimacy because they might lose each other.  They begin this journey down the path of soul mates that turns them into a modern day Thelma and Louise for lack of a better analogy.

I liked this book.  I was so excited to be awarded an ARC by Netgalley that I stopped reading the book I had started so that I could read this one.  I read “Song of the Fireflies” in a little over a day.  I love J.A. Redmerski and her story of Andrew and Camryn so I had high hopes for this book too.  I expected to pull my ugly cry out for most of this book and had the kleenex at the ready.  Unfortunately though, I only had a few alligator tears at a singular moment in this book.

While I still liked the book and would still read it, I have to say that I think J.A. was trying too hard with this book.   I think she was trying to duplicate the intensity of her “The Edge of Never” book that it made this book too unbelievable.  There was just too much going on with this couple to believe in the ending that she wrote for them.  The love between Elias and Bray was wholeheartedly believable and I loved these two as a couple.  I still love the eloquence of writing in this book.  Jessica is a great story teller and even though I had a hard time believing in the ending, I switched my eReader off with a smile on my face and a sense of fortune that I spent the morning finishing the book.  I hope you will try “Song of the Fireflies” and like it, as I did.

Also, I loved the cameo appearance of Andrew and Camryn in the book and I have to say I am curious about Tate and Jen, Caleb and Cera, and Grace and Knox.  I hope to read about them in future books.  I also LOVED the title of this book and the Cover of the book…they are perfectly Bray and Elias.



Entranced by “Ruined” by Tracy Wolff


This is a story about two people with tortured pasts.  One is a young girl struggling to make something of herself despite her poor past and the horrific events that got her to an internship at Frost Industries.  The other is the CEO of Frost Industries who is immediately taken by the young intern, Chloe.

Ethan is HOT, beyond HOT.  WHOA, get a fan and cool yourself down hot.  He is vibrant and strong, gorgeous yet humbly so.  He cares about people and what happens to them.  He’s built one of the most successful companies that uses technology to help people, VA vets most profoundly.  He is very down to earth yet he is the CEO.  Oh, and he is GORGEOUS…did I mention how off the chart hot he is?  What is there NOT to love about this guy.

Chloe is beautiful and catches Ethan’s eye at a smoothy stand in the cafeteria of Frost industries on her first day of internship.  Obviously, her lack of knowledge about what the CEO looks like is her downfall as she doesn’t know that she is arguing about smoothies with the CEO, Ethan Frost.  But Chloe is not interested in dating; not interested in anything having to do with the opposite sex.  She is driven to her goal of being a great Intellectual Property Lawyer and this internship is her key.  She is not going to mess it up by getting involved with any guy and risk the distraction.  But can she resist the pull that Ethan has on her?

I loved this book!  Off the chart, Loved this book.  The secrets are endless and keep you intrigued.  I wish I had the second book RIGHT NOW cuz I just don’t want to wait.  I want to crawl in to Tracy Wolff’s head and find out what the next book will reveal…it was that good.
The sex scenes were INTENSE and the love blossoming between these two was encapsulating.  You couldn’t help but root for these two to finally find each other.  I recommend this book to anyone that loves romance with a healthy dose of sexy love scenes.

I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of this book from Netgalley for an honest review…THANK YOU.