So Good “Believe” by Erin McCarthy


The third book in the True series is about Robin (Rory and Jessica’s friend) and Phoenix (Tyler and Riley’s cousin).  If you recall from “Sweet” something happened with Robin at the Shit Shack party where Riley dunked a guy’s head in Beer because of the way he was talking to Jess. 

Robin has been aloof and just not herself since that party and her friends don’t understand.  Phoenix his home from 5 months in jail and is crashing at the Mann house on the couch.  When Robin stops by to paint a portrait of Easton and have dinner, Jessica grills her to find out what is wrong with her while Phoenix “sleeps” on the couch in the same room.  And so it begins.

This was a great story.  Phoenix is hot, hair hanging in the face, slim but muscular and a bit aloof himself.  He is reserved and doesn’t trust a lot of people with his true self but he finds Robin to be easy to be around and he can’t seem to get enough of her.

Robin is pained.  She hates how she behaved at the party and is committed to not let it happen again.  She has distanced herself from her friends, stopped drinking and going to parties.  She wants to find her center and Phoenix is just the man to help her do that. The connection is instant.  They both feel better when in the presence of the other.

Erin McCarthy has done it again.  She has created two characters that have troubled yet very different pasts and sparked a connection with them.  She is such a great writer and I love reading her books. 

I really like this series and can’t wait for the next book, “Shattered”.  Please Please please, Erin hurry!

I give this book 4 stars


The Brilliance of Erin McCarthy – A Review of “Sweet”



In book two of the “True Believers” series, we learn more about Jessica and Riley.  Let me tell you…they are worth getting to know!

Jess comes off as a spoiled rich kids while Riley is the older – HOT (if I could make this word flash in neon colors I would) -brother of Tyler.  Riley has moved back home after their mother passed away and Jess is struggling to find a place to stay for one week until her sublet apartment is available.  If you recall from book one, Jess and Riley are a lot like oil and water rather than moth and flame.
At first impression of Jessica in “True,” I really thought of her as the spoiled rich kid that was on this high horse and not a single person could measure up.  I also thought she was a bit slutty and mean.  In “Sweet,” we learn more about why Jessica is this way and that I may have misjudged her entirely.

Riley is super hot (tattoos, muscles on top of muscles, no shirt, low hanging jeans….YUM) and seemed like a loaner in the first book.  In this book we get to know Riley as a person and I have to say…be still my beating heart.  He’s HOT, soulful, intense, loyal, HOT, emotional, caring and did I say HOT.  Like really hot.

Erin McCarthy has a way with spinning a story that hooks you from the start.  You have no choice but to read and read until you finish.  I am in awe of her writing ability and the way in which she writes about average everyday people doing average every day things but with such interesting twists that one has no choice but to become immersed in the world that Erin has created.  Her characters have real life problems (no money, no place to live, drug addict mom, controlling parents, young people trying to find their own way in life) and Erin makes it interesting and heart wrenching.  I just love it.

I really liked this book. I liked it because of the twists that she puts on family dynamics.  Jess comes from this super well off family that wants to control every aspect of her life.  Her brother is a vindictive ass-hat and her mother is so self involved she can’t think of a single other person above herself.  Riley is poorer than dirt but the loyalty and love that he exudes is massive.  He would do anything – absolutely anything – for his brothers.  He gave up his dreams so that he could take care of his little brothers.

I also liked how she drives home the adage that opposites attract.  Rich, high styling, spoiled Jessica and penniless, rough, roofer, Riley.  It’s a stretch of the imagination that these two could hook up but Erin makes it believable and good!

I must admit that I am a big Erin McCarthy fan and would read just about anything she writes.  Trying to remove my bias and provided an honest to gosh rating, I would give this book a solid 4 stars.  Most definitely worth the read.

Swooning over “Forever My Girl” by Heidi McLaughin



Liam’s life is all spelled out for him.  He goes to college on a football scholarship.  He marries his high school sweetheart and they live happily in Beaumont.  Unfortunately, he has a personal dream that he must follow but he’s not sure that pursuing his dream will be understood and accepted by the love of his life, Josie.  So…he leaves her.  

Ten years later, he comes back to say goodbye to his best friend Mason who died in a car accident.  All his emotions are in turmoil.  He convinced himself 10 years ago that he had made the right decision for everyone but now he is not so sure after discovering all that he left behind in Beaumont which turns out to be far more than what he thought he left.

This is a story about a teenage love that was crippled by chance and fear. All it takes though is one look and JoJo is questioning her commitment to her fiance and the life she has lived for ten years. Will she stick with her life as it was after Liam left town or will she take a chance and admit her love for Liam has never diminished.

This was a great story; a solid 4 stars.  It moved at a good speed to keep me interested and had enough of a love triangle to make it intense enough to turn the next page.  Liam is kind of a calm rockstar though.  I would have liked to see a bit more hard core rocker and bad boy come out.  It was a sweet love story and I found it to be refreshing.

I also liked the way that the reader introduced the main characters of her next book and started the story line at the end of this book.  I off to read it now, can’t wait to share my thoughts with you on that one too.


Intrigued by “Bound’ from Marina Anderson – The Dining Club Part Two

In this book Grace is at The Dining Club and David is explaining the progression through the tables and the rules of the club.  Grace is torn in that she truly loves David but she is not sure that she can do the things that David is asking of her.  As she is escorted around the club and introduced to the staff, David excuses himself for a few moments and leaves Grace with the Twins, Amy and Laura.  Grace is secretly informed by the twins that she is being filmed and needs to pass this mini test.  Grace plays along reluctantly until she relaxes and begins to realize she just might like to relax and just let things happen making one the the twins extremely happy. 

Meanwhile, Grace is being watched through the video by the jealous Amber who wants David for herself and Andrew who wants Grace to succeed because he genuinely likes Grace.  The day progresses into the evening and while nervous and apprehensive, Grace continues to the first table and the first challenge.  They get through dinner just fine and they have to make the “dessert” selection. David warns her again that she doesn’t have to choose but it would mean the end for them.  With a little help, she makes a selection.

As “dessert” begins, Grace relaxes and gets into but a little too much.  It becomes clear that while she is enjoying herself the challenge may be more that she can handle, especially when David participates.


I really liked the second installment in the series.  I think the Jealousy that Amber is displaying is going to progress into a very nice villainous character.   I think that will add to the drama and intensity as the series progresses.  I like that Grace is adaptable and willing to explore her sexuality.  Not sure that I like David though, he seems cold and unfeeling.  He’s also quite selfish and seems to be forcing Grace to make a very difficult choice.  I love it and hate it. 

I’m liking the series and would say we are still hovering around the 4 star range.  Looking forward to part 3…Crave!

Review of “Come Undone” by Madelynne Ellis

First of all, a big thank you to netgalley for the opportunity to read this book for an honest review.

Xane is this ultra hot – super fine Goth Rock God that is wronged by his girlfriend and best friend. He’s fed up with the band and the feelings of being used by them.  He walks off stage and the only way to truly escape is to hitch a ride with the first girl he runs into – literally.

Dani is this angelic young lady that has had a rough go of it because her father left her mother when she was very young. As a result, her mother has a very warped perception of men and uses a vicious convent/cult of sorts to instill this belief in her daughter.  Secretly though, Dani has used Xane’s band’s music and his voice to get her through the toughest times.  She always dreamed of meeting Xane and just imagine getting back stage to said band and running smack dab right into the chest of the lead singer and her idle – Xane. 

So what do I rate this book…3, 4 or 5 stars…I am stuck.   I liked this book enough to give it 5 stars for sure.  Well at least until the very last page and the way it ended.  I am all for cliff hangers that will intrigue the reader to get the next book as soon as it’s available but I think there was just too much left undefined at the end of this book to actually make it a good cliffhanger instead of the creation of mass confusion that I felt.  I actually thought that my epub file was missing several pages.  With that said, I am definitely going to read the next book in the series and hope upon hope that all of my questions are answered. 

I think I am going to go with Image.  I really like the book and to be honest, the only disappointment that I had was the ending.  For the rest, I was on the edge, excited to see what would happen with the really great couple. 

ImageThe cover is 5 stars – MOST DEFINITELY!!!