Entranced by “Ruined” by Tracy Wolff


This is a story about two people with tortured pasts.  One is a young girl struggling to make something of herself despite her poor past and the horrific events that got her to an internship at Frost Industries.  The other is the CEO of Frost Industries who is immediately taken by the young intern, Chloe.

Ethan is HOT, beyond HOT.  WHOA, get a fan and cool yourself down hot.  He is vibrant and strong, gorgeous yet humbly so.  He cares about people and what happens to them.  He’s built one of the most successful companies that uses technology to help people, VA vets most profoundly.  He is very down to earth yet he is the CEO.  Oh, and he is GORGEOUS…did I mention how off the chart hot he is?  What is there NOT to love about this guy.

Chloe is beautiful and catches Ethan’s eye at a smoothy stand in the cafeteria of Frost industries on her first day of internship.  Obviously, her lack of knowledge about what the CEO looks like is her downfall as she doesn’t know that she is arguing about smoothies with the CEO, Ethan Frost.  But Chloe is not interested in dating; not interested in anything having to do with the opposite sex.  She is driven to her goal of being a great Intellectual Property Lawyer and this internship is her key.  She is not going to mess it up by getting involved with any guy and risk the distraction.  But can she resist the pull that Ethan has on her?

I loved this book!  Off the chart, Loved this book.  The secrets are endless and keep you intrigued.  I wish I had the second book RIGHT NOW cuz I just don’t want to wait.  I want to crawl in to Tracy Wolff’s head and find out what the next book will reveal…it was that good.
The sex scenes were INTENSE and the love blossoming between these two was encapsulating.  You couldn’t help but root for these two to finally find each other.  I recommend this book to anyone that loves romance with a healthy dose of sexy love scenes.

I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of this book from Netgalley for an honest review…THANK YOU.


Review of “Come Undone” by Madelynne Ellis

First of all, a big thank you to netgalley for the opportunity to read this book for an honest review.

Xane is this ultra hot – super fine Goth Rock God that is wronged by his girlfriend and best friend. He’s fed up with the band and the feelings of being used by them.  He walks off stage and the only way to truly escape is to hitch a ride with the first girl he runs into – literally.

Dani is this angelic young lady that has had a rough go of it because her father left her mother when she was very young. As a result, her mother has a very warped perception of men and uses a vicious convent/cult of sorts to instill this belief in her daughter.  Secretly though, Dani has used Xane’s band’s music and his voice to get her through the toughest times.  She always dreamed of meeting Xane and just imagine getting back stage to said band and running smack dab right into the chest of the lead singer and her idle – Xane. 

So what do I rate this book…3, 4 or 5 stars…I am stuck.   I liked this book enough to give it 5 stars for sure.  Well at least until the very last page and the way it ended.  I am all for cliff hangers that will intrigue the reader to get the next book as soon as it’s available but I think there was just too much left undefined at the end of this book to actually make it a good cliffhanger instead of the creation of mass confusion that I felt.  I actually thought that my epub file was missing several pages.  With that said, I am definitely going to read the next book in the series and hope upon hope that all of my questions are answered. 

I think I am going to go with Image.  I really like the book and to be honest, the only disappointment that I had was the ending.  For the rest, I was on the edge, excited to see what would happen with the really great couple. 

ImageThe cover is 5 stars – MOST DEFINITELY!!!

Review of “REAL” by Katy Evans

OH. MY. GOD!!!!!


This book had me entranced just by looking at word one and still hasn’t loosened its hold on me after reading it…twice!  I was so enthralled by this book that I read it in a day and turned right back to page one and read it again!
TI thought the characters were phenomenal.  You have Remy – an absolute sex God that will be in my dreams for a long time coming.  He’s hot, an MMA fighter and the complexity in him has you dying to figure out everything about him.  What is there NOT to love, I ask you.

Then you have Brooke who is just so darn adorable that you can’t help but feel the intensity of Remy’s reaction to her at first sight.  She is beautiful, strong, and has a fighter’s spirit, just like Remy.  I questioned her intelligence when she thought that Remy wouldn’t find out what she did but we all do stupid stuff when we’re in love so I overlooked it.  She has endured a lot in her life that makes her able to take whatever Remy dishes out and be his REAL.

The intensity between Brooke and Remy is off the chart, making each page a so hot that you don’t want to burn your fingers.  The love scenes were off the chart hot, sizzling, blistering, boiling, burning!
This was a true love story that I could read again and again.  There were points in the book that I thought were a bit too unrealistic but it’s a romance and to me, the book lived up to it.  

I would give this a super hot 5 stars.  Can’t wait to read more about Remy and Brooke in the next book.  When is it coming out again?





Review of “Extreme Love” by Abby Niles

I am going to try and overcome my propensity to compare books with other books of this kind in my review and only judge this book while not comparing it to others with an MMA fighter in it.

What I can say without a doubt is that I really liked the characters in this book. 

Caitlyn – you could feel her struggles and humiliation as her story unfolded.  Many people in the world have a daily struggle with their weight and how cruel other people who never had this issue can be.  In her writing, the author brings to light the misperceptions of others and struggles that overweight people endure every day through Caitlyn’s story which I can certainly appreciate.  Cait is insecure and unsure of Dante’s intentions because she has never believed in herself or that she is deserving of such affection and attention. 

Dante – Tall…smooth muscular chest…gorgeous blue eyes…brown beautiful-finger-diggin- hair…can anyone say YUM!  He is the polar opposite of Caitlyn.  He is confident of himself when he meets her but he has lacks the cockiness of someone who knows he’s beautiful.  He comes off as kind and down to earth and falls quickly for Caitlyn and pursues her relentlessly. 

Paul – Without a doubt, my favorite character in this book.  He is Caitlyn’s gay friend that she tries to tell Dante is her boyfriend.  That lasted all of four whole pages I think.  What I like most about Paul is the introduction of humor in the story.  He is constantly referring to the beefiness of Dante with analogies like “He-man”, “Neanderthal”, “Brawny Man”, “Mr. Ripples” and the like.  Some of the best lines in the book were delivered by Paul.  My favorite by far…“So tell me, is G.I. Joe’s thingy a teeny-weeny or a thicky-wicky?”  Hilarious

Sentori – A villain in the truest sense.  He feeds on other people’s misery and leaves common decency at the door.  No topic is off limits to him regardless of who gets hurt in the process.  I loved that he was so vicious because he made me dislike him instantly and root for the “good guy” from the git-go.

With that said, there were points in the book that I thought could have had some more angst or intensity thrown into them in order to live up to the title of “Extreme”.  The chase was just a bit boring at times and I thought it could have used more intensity.  I thought that during the fight some taunts and digs from Sentori could have added to the build up of the ending.  

I certainly felt the emotion of the characters, the desire, love, hatred and insecurities.  I found that I laughed, cried and found myself rooting for this couple very early in the story.

I did like the book and thought it was definitely worth the read.  I give it a good 3 stars out of five.  I will also say that I will definitely try another book by this author


Thank you to Netgalley for the opportunity to read this book for an honest review.

Review of “TRUE” by Erin McCarthy

This was a great book by a fantastic author.  I usually love Erin McCarthy’s books and “True” is no different.  

The book is about Rory, an introvert nerd by nature and circumstance, that is trying to come out of her shell and enter the land of the sexually experienced.  She wants to do “it” for the right reasons and with the right person but she is of the belief that no one wants her or would want to have sex with her.  When she is put into a very precarious situation that quickly gets out of hand and enters extremely dangerous, she is in need of rescue.  Queue in Tyler Mann.  Tyler, who hooks up with Rory’s college roommate, Jessica, from time to time to scratch an itch, is from the lower class trying to save his brothers for a life of poverty and a drug addict mother.  He is tattooed, tough and rugged, gorgeous and muscular with a secret interest in one Rory Macintosh.  When Tyler sees the situation, he comes in to rescue Rory and save the day.  And so it begins.

They begin to see each other but Rory questions Tyler’s motives because clearly there is no logical reason for the gorgeous Tyler to want to be with a homely girl like Rory.  When Rory discovers that her dorm roommates Jessica and Riley offered Tyler money to take Rory’s virginity, she is crushed and feels even more dejected.

After briefly avoiding Tyler and Tyler never giving up, they date more seriously and quickly fall in love.  Trouble still finds this couple though by way of Rory’s father and the cops that I was sure would end them forever.  But love always finds a way.  

This was an easy read.  It had me turning page after page just to know what came next.  I really enjoyed this book from beginning to end and was quite disappointed when it was over.  The love story was truly romantic and had you pulling for this couple from the very beginning.  Erin made the characters come alive on the pages so much so that I was able to picture what they looked like and how they felt.  I admit to crying several times while reading the book and although it wasn’t the ugly cry, it was still emotional.  

Definitely 5 stars!

Thank you to Netgalley for the opportunity to read this book for an honest review.