Review of “Complete Me” by J. Kenner

This third installment begins where book two left off.  Damien is facing a trial in Germany for the murder of his Tennis coach and abuser.  At the end of book two, Nikki had left for Germany and showed up at Damien’s door to tell him she loved him. In this book Damien and Nikki try to remain in the bubble of their love but they are continuously thrown back into reality with a resounding force that tests their resilience and ability to overcome the issues that come up in book three.  In this book, we see how well Nikki can deal with Damien’s past and whether or not their love will survive.

What I loved about this book was the intensity of the love and attraction between Damien and Nikki.  Neither of them can get enough of the other and with that comes an urgency that the reader feels to see these two happy and eventually married (hopefully).  There was some predictability to the book but even though you could predict what happened, it was different because these characters are so different than what we would read in FSOG or the Crossfire series or the like.  I also like that Nikki continuously battles her cutting demons and to me that humanizes her immensely.  She is beautiful but inside she thinks that she is not worthy.


I also liked the continued display of vulnerability of Damien. He is such a strong businessman but he is lovestruck and foolish over Nikki.  This is how any man should be for the love of is life.  Not that their relationship is entirely a healthy one but I for one find myself daydreaming for a love like that.  To know that a man would go to the ends of the earth and put himself in the line of fire for you.  What woman would not swoon over that.  Besides, he’s hotter than hell and so masculine that you can feel the testosterone seeping from each page.

Did I mention he is HOT.



My last severe like for this book and series is that the love scenes are sexy as all get out and made me fan myself several times just to cool down enough to keep reading.

fainting swoon

I say a solid 5 steaming hot stars!  I have and will continue to root for this couple to find the sheer bliss that they deserve.  Can’t wait for book four…is there a book four…golly, I sure hope so!