Middle of the Road on “Beautiful Addiction” by Season Vining


With her memory gone, Josie is wandering and lost; living a lifestyle that belongs to someone else.  She is wild and free but is she really?  She refuses to believe in love and hope.  The years have not been kind to her since losing her parents and her memory but she is doing the best she can.  This beautiful stranger is so mesmerizing that she can’t stay away.  She feels this unexplainable pull to Tristan that has her showing up at his bar every night he works as if she knows him…does she?  Her protective walls are thick and high but Tristan is her comfort that allows her to venture outside of her safety net. 

Danger seems to be around every corner though and her past is the cause.  Will she remember what it is in time to save her?  Will Tristan be the hero? 


What I liked

This book was Good.  I liked the story line and the connection that these two have.  I liked the hard edges of Josie and Tristan as well as their shattered pasts because of the lives they’ve both lived since last seeing each other.  I liked that Tristan is the bridge to her history and her parents…he gives her back a piece of herself because of these memories.  I think this is the author’s first book and for a first book, she did good. 

What I thought could be better (I won’t say I didn’t like because I did like the book)

For me, this storyline should have been far more INTENSE causing me to eagerly turn page after page when in fact it took me a long time to read this book and I read two others while trying to finish this one.   The suspense could have been off the chart when but it lasted for less than a chapter and really fizzled into not much.  Sex scenes were skimmed over more so that should have been based on the personalities of these two characters – not a single set of butterflies were felt when reading this book.  Lastly, Tristan being portrayed as this rough and tough, deep dark secrets kind of guy, really was soft – too soft and sweet all the time leaving me wonder if he really would live up to the bad ass persona as described. 


Overall I give this book 3 solid stars.  For a first book, pretty good!


“Beg” by CD Reiss left me Begging for More!




This is a Series book but what is different is that it is set up like a TV series in that it’s short, the ending is a cliffhanger for the next book and it’s fast moving and action packed.  

This is the first in the “Songs of Submission” series by CD Reiss whom I have never read before but so glad I did!  In this first book we are introduced to Monica; a singer/songwriter struggling to make in in the music business and survive financially on waitress jobs.  Then there is Jonathan, the “bazillionaire” that seems to like Monica from the start as she is the newest waitress at his restaurant.  Jonathan seems to be still hung up on his ex-wife Jess and Monica is not looking for any complications while pursuing her music career.  Will Monica beg for Jonathan’s attention????

C.D. Reiss, I like your concept and the way that your ending the books on questions and what ifs for the next book.  You’ve hooked me, that’s for sure.  

Great start to the series.  I liked the interaction and the build up of all the supporting characters.  I can sense some really serious moments coming in the next books and I can’t wait to read them all.

I would give this a solid 4 star review.  A big thank you to Netgalley for providing me with the ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

Review of “Full Exposure” By Tracy Wolff

This is a story about a woman coming to terms with her tragic past and facing her demons.  She does this by moving forward with her life while still being dragged back into her past involuntarily.  Serena is a survivor.  She is strong to a fault and tries to ensure that she only needs to block out her emotions and fears and not let anyone close enough to break through the shield that she has built around her heart and secure inner sanctum.  That inner sanctum is about to come tumbling around her as her next assignment is supper Hot sculptor Keven Riley.

Kevin is a bit of a recluse himself preferring solitude and peace to people.  He lives in a swamp where he builds these beautiful sculptures from nothing.  They are so profound and meaningful that he is the hottest thing since sliced bread and everyone wants a piece of Kevin.  He’s a brooder and a loaner that just wants to be left alone.  Until Serena is assigned to work with him to create a book about Kevin Riley and who he is through his art.  She is a photographer that takes beautiful pictures of Kevin as he sculpts his next project.

Unfortunately for both of them, they seem too preoccupied with each other.  Kevin sculpts but he can’t seem to get his mind off of Serena.  And Serena, she is taking pictures of Kevin but the pictures she is capturing – his ass – aren’t really the book worthy kind she needs.  The romance blossoms from there but can Serena let her walls down enough to let Kevin in.  Can Kevin penetrate the facade that Serena has built to protect her and save her from herself and her other demons that continue to lurk from her past?

I really liked this book.  It was a great start to an intense love story.  Both characters were beautifully defined and strongly conveyed.  The author did a great job in providing enough back story to get the reader invested enough to keep reading.  The storyline kept me turning page after intense page  to find out how it all played out.  I was in the dark about who exactly was Serena’s ‘demon’ until it was revealed and that scene was intense enough to make me jump at every noise in my house for the next several pages as it unfolded.  I would give this book a solid 4 stars and would recommend to any of you reading this….please put it on your ‘to read’ list.  It’s worth the time to read it and try out this author if you haven’t before.  I definitely will be looking up her other books and giving her another try.



Tracy Wolff – GREAT JOB on the story and LOVE LOVE LOVE the cover!!!

Review of “REAL” by Katy Evans

OH. MY. GOD!!!!!


This book had me entranced just by looking at word one and still hasn’t loosened its hold on me after reading it…twice!  I was so enthralled by this book that I read it in a day and turned right back to page one and read it again!
TI thought the characters were phenomenal.  You have Remy – an absolute sex God that will be in my dreams for a long time coming.  He’s hot, an MMA fighter and the complexity in him has you dying to figure out everything about him.  What is there NOT to love, I ask you.

Then you have Brooke who is just so darn adorable that you can’t help but feel the intensity of Remy’s reaction to her at first sight.  She is beautiful, strong, and has a fighter’s spirit, just like Remy.  I questioned her intelligence when she thought that Remy wouldn’t find out what she did but we all do stupid stuff when we’re in love so I overlooked it.  She has endured a lot in her life that makes her able to take whatever Remy dishes out and be his REAL.

The intensity between Brooke and Remy is off the chart, making each page a so hot that you don’t want to burn your fingers.  The love scenes were off the chart hot, sizzling, blistering, boiling, burning!
This was a true love story that I could read again and again.  There were points in the book that I thought were a bit too unrealistic but it’s a romance and to me, the book lived up to it.  

I would give this a super hot 5 stars.  Can’t wait to read more about Remy and Brooke in the next book.  When is it coming out again?





Review of “Just for the Summer” by Jenna Rutland

A short story about a young woman that gave her son up for adoption eight years ago and now she wants to know that her son is loved and with a caring family.  Her only mission in the beginning was to just check and see if her son, Sam, was ok and happy…until she came across Sam’s SINGLE dad, Matt.  Matt is your typically hottie Sheriff that of course turns out to be irresistible.

This was a quick refreshing story.  It took me about half a day to read (with interruptions) and moved at a nice pace.  At times I found myself wishing it was longer with the story a bit more dragged out and the love scenes a lot more steamy.  However, all in all it is a nice clean NC-17  book that gave steaming flirting a new name.  I loved the banter between Matt and Dani and found myself disappointed when the book took a more serious turn.

There was ample angst and tragedy for the couple to overcome and the story progressed such that I didn’t want to put it down.  I give it a solid 3 stars and would recommend it for a quick filler between longer or emotionally deeper books.



Review of “Breaking the Rules” by Kate Belle

I just finished this book about three hours ago and I’m still not really sure what I think of it.  I began asking myself some questions to figure it out.  Like would I buy this book…probably no.  Would I recommend this book if it was free…maybe.  Was I compelled to turn the next page or did I just do it because I needed to finish the book…the later.  Am I feeling this way because the book I read before this one was so fantastic that I would be disappointed with any book read after that one….Maybe.  Did I like the ending to the book and could I feel good about what happened next…no and no, because there really was no context that would tell me how Andrew and Grace would interact.

In all honesty, the book was “OK”  just OK, there was nothing really special about the story but I liked the concept of a Don Juan exposing a woman to her inner sexuality so that she could embrace the love that is so obviously staring her in the face.  The descriptions of Ramon left me with very sexy and sultry images which I loved.  The descriptions of Grace and Andrew, left me feeling sorry for them above all else which was disappointing.    I guess where some of the “OK” feeling comes from is that I think if the book went a bit further into awakening both Andrew and Grace together or If Andrew had asked Ramon to “help” him with getting Grace to see him for the love of her life, that would have made this book so much better.  Even more, if the book would have gone on to demonstrate how Grace and Andrew were together, that would have been good too.

I would say 2 &3/4 stars out of 5.  Ok, but could have been better.  I will add that recently I have read some really good books and though I shouldn’t do this, it’s hard not to compare books.