Tantalizing “Touch” Part Five and Relentless “Caress” Part Six of The Dining Club series by Marina Anderson

In the fifth part of the Dining Club, Grace is entering her third trial.  In this trial she is competing against one of the twins – Amy – who has a strong endurance.  With experience, knowledge and strength on her side, Amy is the sure winner of this challenge with immensely delights Amber, Andrew and…David?  Grace is fueled though by her jealousy of Amber and is determined to do what is necessary to keep David’s affections focused on her.  David doesn’t play fair thought and excites Grace even before the trial began then teases her to no end.

I found myself becoming less and less of a David fan as this part five played out.  His behavior is that of a controlling bastard who doesn’t really know what will satisfy him for the long hall and he is playing with strong emotions in Grace and using them against her.  Andrew’s affections continue to grow while Amber’s determination to eliminate Grace from David’s life exponentially grows.  Andrew takes matters into his own hands and decides to run into Grace and explain a few things to her.  Grace reluctantly invites him up to her flat but doesn’t feel comfortable with this at all.

Personally, I think Grace should tell them all to go to hell and find her Mr. Perfect elsewhere but with that said, I again couldn’t wait for what happened and had to read part six too.

In Part six, David is away on Business and Andrew has taken the opportunity to visit Grace at a pub and discuss David’s past.  As Grace learns what she has feared all along, she is angered and enlightened by the revelations from Andrew.  David has mixed emotions and is extremely conflicted as to whether or not he wants Grace to be successful in the fourth trial.  He goes so far as to purposely tire her out the night before but he does admit – to himself at least – that he was extremely angered and jealous of Andrew’s visit.  As they drive to the Dining Club for the trial , he is purposely evasive about the events about to play out.  He gives Grace minimal details and has yet to determine if he wants her to succeed or fail. 

I like David but hate him too.  I think he has a cruelty to him that Grace in her sweetness does not deserve. 

I’m still at a solid 4 star and can’t wait to read Part Seven!  I’m getting NOTHING done today!