Review of “Full Exposure” By Tracy Wolff

This is a story about a woman coming to terms with her tragic past and facing her demons.  She does this by moving forward with her life while still being dragged back into her past involuntarily.  Serena is a survivor.  She is strong to a fault and tries to ensure that she only needs to block out her emotions and fears and not let anyone close enough to break through the shield that she has built around her heart and secure inner sanctum.  That inner sanctum is about to come tumbling around her as her next assignment is supper Hot sculptor Keven Riley.

Kevin is a bit of a recluse himself preferring solitude and peace to people.  He lives in a swamp where he builds these beautiful sculptures from nothing.  They are so profound and meaningful that he is the hottest thing since sliced bread and everyone wants a piece of Kevin.  He’s a brooder and a loaner that just wants to be left alone.  Until Serena is assigned to work with him to create a book about Kevin Riley and who he is through his art.  She is a photographer that takes beautiful pictures of Kevin as he sculpts his next project.

Unfortunately for both of them, they seem too preoccupied with each other.  Kevin sculpts but he can’t seem to get his mind off of Serena.  And Serena, she is taking pictures of Kevin but the pictures she is capturing – his ass – aren’t really the book worthy kind she needs.  The romance blossoms from there but can Serena let her walls down enough to let Kevin in.  Can Kevin penetrate the facade that Serena has built to protect her and save her from herself and her other demons that continue to lurk from her past?

I really liked this book.  It was a great start to an intense love story.  Both characters were beautifully defined and strongly conveyed.  The author did a great job in providing enough back story to get the reader invested enough to keep reading.  The storyline kept me turning page after intense page  to find out how it all played out.  I was in the dark about who exactly was Serena’s ‘demon’ until it was revealed and that scene was intense enough to make me jump at every noise in my house for the next several pages as it unfolded.  I would give this book a solid 4 stars and would recommend to any of you reading this….please put it on your ‘to read’ list.  It’s worth the time to read it and try out this author if you haven’t before.  I definitely will be looking up her other books and giving her another try.



Tracy Wolff – GREAT JOB on the story and LOVE LOVE LOVE the cover!!!


Review of “Connected” by Kim Karr

Wow! What a profoundly emotional book that just gets you believing in love at first sight, soul mates, wishes coming true and of course the art of animalistic attraction.

This book had me feeling the gamut of emotions in my repertoire.  I was electrically charged when Dahlia first meets River, intensely sad right along with Dahlia as she ventures through the several years of her journey that will lead her back to River.  I was elated when they connected again.  Of course I was angry at some of the events that occurred in the book, especially by the epilogue which led me to a little bit of hatred and an intense desire to smack the crap out of her past lover.

I loved these characters.  River is what every girl in the world would want in a soul mate.  He loves Dahlia deeply at first site and doesn’t get macho on her and deny it.  He is intense in the way he loves her and only wants her happiness, which shows in his ability to understand her love of another and what he can do to make her love again.  

Dahlia is a survivor.  She is strong and confident in herself but she is broken when she thinks all is lost.  She has lived a life of many tragedies and has come out of each a little more broken than before but she never gives up.  She gets up each day and tries to put her life back together.  In the process, she reconnects with River and he fixes pieces of her soul that she never thought could be found much less fixed.  

As I said before, the emotions are intense in this book and make you want to lock yourself in a room so that you can read this without interruption for hours and hours until you’re done.  The book flows nicely, of course the timelines at the beginning of each chapter help a lot with that .  I loved the correlation to the songs in the playlist that Kim Karr took the time to put together to enhance the reader’s experience.  The time this must have taken might be lost to some but I for one very much appreciate the ability to listen to a song that the author was thinking of as she wrote the chapter. I think it helped me immensely in just connecting that much more with the words written.

Kim Karr, I love your book!  If all of your books are like this, sign me up cuz I will stand in line to be the first to get them!!